5 Tips To Look Your Best In Your Wedding Photos

As the center of attention on their wedding day, every bride is going to be documented and
immortalized from every angle in photos. Look flawless from all directions by following our simple guide on how to look your absolute best on the big day so your wedding photographer can capture the memories that will last a lifetime:

1. Prep yourself long before the day arrives.

The key to looking gorgeous on your wedding day is by getting started early. You’ll want to be eating
right, getting enough sleep, and doing everything you can to get glowing. This means everything from
starting an intensive skincare routine long before the big day to last-minute treatments for your face,
hair, nails, and body. On the day before the wedding, avoid food and drink that will give you a bloated,
patchy appearance such as anything oily, greasy, or salty, and stay off the alcohol—during the reception isn’t an issue so enjoy!  Put yourself on a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables that will nourish your skin from within, and drink plenty of water. You may also want to consider cutting sugar and caffeine for the time being.



2. Make smart makeup choices.

Flash photography is one of makeup’s worst enemies—choose the wrong SPF-laden foundation and
your face will become one giant reflector in photos, for instance. Our makeup artists use foundations that are photograph-friendly. If going it alone, make sure you curate your own wedding makeup. Test various options to see what works best. Opt instead to enhance your natural features. Your wedding photographer is there to capture the essence of you and your groom. You want your best features to stand out! Make sure to prime your face before applying anything—choose a primer product that will help lock your makeup in so that it lasts from the ceremony all the way to the after-party. We recommend Shu Uemura’s Stage Performer Smooth Out Instant Pore Blurring Primer, which also helps conceal and smooth out problem areas.


3. Practice your poses.

Yes, we know it sounds silly, but nothing’s worse than winging it on your wedding day and being stuck
with photos where your poses look less than ideal. A good wedding photographer will give you cues on where to put your hands or how to angle your shoulders, sure, but it’s still best to have some staple poses ready; this helps to keep your ceremony going at a reasonable pace so things can run smoothly when taking your photos. Who wants to miss cocktail hour!?. Also, practice smiling in a mirror until you’re comfortable with holding it until a shutter clicks.


4. Schedule an appointment with your dentist.

Pencil some time in your pre-wedding schedule for a professional cleaning with your dentist.  Remove any plaque or buildup on your teeth and have them whitened if possible. Those who smoke will especially want to get this done especially; prolonged exposure to nicotine stains the teeth that will affect your photos. Too busy? You can try teeth whitening strips that are conveniently available at any
drugstore, but it’s not going to be as good as having the process done professionally.

wedding photographer

5. Finally, relax and have fun.

This is still your day, and having the best wedding photos aren’t going to help one bit if all you remember from it is how pressured and stressed you were feeling. When all else fails, trust your photographer to capture the best candid moments and just forget there’s even a camera present. The prettiest pictures will be those of a bride who looks radiant, confident and is having an absolute ball. Remember: you are already the most beautiful woman in the room! Don’t stress about whether or not the pictures are coming out okay and just enjoy the moment.

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