7 Tips To Be Stress Free Before Your Wedding

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Your wedding day is supposed to be an enchanting day filled with romance and joy.
Unfortunately, many brides experience a lot of stress in the weeks or months leading up to the
big day. These feelings can threaten to derail all of the planning and hard work you have put
into your nuptials. While a little stress is inevitable, you can combat pre-wedding stress with a
little mindfulness and creative thinking so you don’t have to walk down the aisle overwhelmed
with anxiety or stress.

To help you relax so you can enjoy the big day, please scroll through the following 7 tips
to be stressed-free before your wedding:

Start a journal. Beginning a journal is a wonderful way for brides, and even grooms, to process
their emotions and say goodbye to negativity. Journaling is therapeutic for many reasons which
can be as simple as nurturing your creativity to helping you uncover your inner self. A few
minutes spent scribbling down your thoughts can help get them organized and problem-solve.
Which are great stress reducers. For added stress relief, consider using a journal with built-in
adult coloring pages.

Take a deep breath. Practicing meditation is a simple way to reduce stress before your
wedding. Deep breathing and calming thoughts are free, don’t require any special equipment,
and can be done practically anywhere. Sitting quietly and focusing on your breathing to clear the
mind is a very effective method to calm nerves and regain inner balance.

Get your beauty sleep. The American Psychological Association states that adequate amounts
of sleep and rest are crucial to your physical and mental health. Making sure you are getting
enough sleep will help your body regulate and process your mood, judgment, memory, and
stress. Studies show that adding an extra 60 to 90 minutes of shut-eye every day will make you
happier and healthier.

Whip up a home spa. It’s not practical to run off to a spa whenever we feel stressed or run
down. However, you can create a similar experience in your own home without worrying about
appointments or reservations. Pamper yourself with an affordable day of relaxation by creating
your own home spa. Use your favorite bath and facial products, candles, flowers, and relaxing
tunes to soak away the stress of the day.

Develop a calming area at home. Take a few minutes to create and organize a relaxing space
within your home or garden. Choose a special corner in your bedroom or find a secluded spot in
your living room. It doesn’t matter what place you decide on, just use it specifically for calming
down and relaxing. To make this space more effective at reducing stress, add calming colors,
textures, and scents to soothe your senses. This stress-free sanctuary will be the perfect place
to meditate, journal, or gather your thoughts before your wedding.

Choose your priorities. Weddings are going to be stressful, but before you stress out, make
sure to slow down and ask yourself if it really matters today or tomorrow. It might surprise you to
realize that most of our dilemmas aren’t that important. Sure, it’s nice to find the perfect shade of lipstick or the most amazing flower arrangements, but in the long run, these issues won’t ruin your wedding.  Avoid worrying about all the little details, everything will work out. Also, consider reducing your stress by giving your family and friends jobs to help carry your workload so you can enjoy the wedding day without stressing over all the details.

Sneak away for a retreat. Give yourself permission to walk away from all the wedding planning stress and spend a weekend away with your girls to relax, recharge, and rejuvenate. Some time away will help you be stressed-free before your wedding as you laugh, shop, or spend the day
at the spa. A vacation from wedding planning might just be what you need.

How do you beat stress before your wedding?