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At Beauty Entourage, nothing is more important than helping talented beauty professionals experience tremendous growth while thriving in an industry they know and love. We’ve developed a simple, easy-to-use platform that empowers people like you – mobile beauty professionals who love what they do for a living and look forward to servicing clients while bringing genuine smiles to their faces. We BElieve in your ability to succeed and are here to provide you with the tools, guidance, and supportive community needed to help you excel in your career.

The Beauty Entourage Difference

When it comes to beauty, we stand together as an entourage, supporting one another on this incredible journey. Whether you’re new to the beauty industry or have already started working with clients, joining our crew is an excellent way to have direct access to the resources needed to experience substantial growth while increasing your offerings and leveling up your professional life. Gain valuable knowledge needed to perfect your craft and cater to the needs of each client who will sit in your chair.


Downloading and using our app will help you streamline business operations, book clients with ease, have access to a supportive community, and discover the steps you can take to experience professional development in the beauty industry.

Flexible Schedule

Use our scheduling tool to keep track of appointments with your clients. Avoid the possibility of scheduling conflicts with our easy-to-use system that keeps you booked and busy.

Supportive Community

Receive endless support from a well-known mobile beauty business, virtual receptionist, and community of like-minded beauty professionals looking forward to sharing their knowledge with others. Hone in on the opportunity to expand your offerings by joining in on Master Classes and furthering your education. You're never too experienced to learn something new and different that you can use to help your clients.

Expanded Offerings

We care about your success and want to see you make a living doing what matters most to you. Check out our expanded offerings, where you will have more than enough room to advance, grow, and even take advantage of the opportunity to make sales through beauty-related products.

Level up your career in the mobile beauty industry…

Let us help you level up your career in the mobile beauty industry. Ashley, mobile beauty expert and founder of the Beauty Entourage, is paving the way for industry experts to go from side hustle to lifelong career. Are you ready to open the doors to endless opportunities and limitless potential? Join Beauty Entourage today!

The Podcast

Empower your mind, business and artistry

Learn from the stories, and experience of Entrepreneur& CEO, Ashley Stone. She will share a weekly message that will encourage you and create the opportunity to learn and empower your artistry and business.

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