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When you attend an event, how often have you thought, I wish I had a professional hair & makeup team? Looking back at photos did you notice your hair fell apart or your makeup washed out by the flash of the camera? We have all experienced this one time or another. As a result, you have had less confidence. Beauty Entourage wants to make those occasional bad experiences into great ones! When it comes to making you look and feel your best, we don’t mess around!

Consider us, your personalized beauty concierge service.

Pairing you with the right hair and makeup professionals is what we do. Tell us about your style, event, and party size, or even your concerns! Because The more we know, the more our experts can assemble the perfect beauty team based on your needs. Accomplishing a flawless experience takes expertise, coordination, and teamwork. Creating a stress-free experience with the result of beauty and confidence is our goal.

We take pride in our work and our profession!

If you are not happy with your hair, makeup or even our customer service we want to know. We will do everything to make it right and live up to the stress free experience we hope to provide each and every client!

You will be flawless and stress free-that’s our promise!

If for some reason we cannot live up to your expectations or requests due to the inability of an artist, we will give a new service free of charge with someone else or give you your money back. We take pictures of all of our services to ensure the quality and requests.

Meet Ashley Stone

Founder of Beauty Entourage

Hi! My name is Ashley Stone and I am the founder as well as lead educator for Beauty Entourage. By trade I am veteran hair stylist of 16 years and by heart I am a hopeless romantic with all things beauty. I live to create and Beauty Entourage is one of my proudest accomplishments.

I started the company as an entourage of one. Me. Shortly after my own wedding I realized the need of wishing I had my own hair and make up team. Being from the industry, it was ironically almost an oversight to not focus on my hair and make up for my wedding day. I had too much make up on and my hair was rushed because my stylist had another client. I then had to run from the salon to my house and get dressed with my flower girl in tow. It was actual chaos. In the end of course, the day was great but, the pictures were not. I realized then how important this was to a bride. I have now been married for 13 years and a few years ago for my 10 year anniversary, I renewed my vows and hired my own company so I could do it all over again! The pictures were everything I could have asked for and I truly felt amazing!

Today, my entourage consists of more than just me. We have over 20 artists and we have done over 30,000 clients for special events. Every year we have grown and have locations now in 3 different states! I am the lead educator for hair stylists as well as the vision and force behind the company as we continue to grow. My mission is to create an experience that leaves you looking back at your photos knowing it was one of the best days that made you feel the most beautiful!

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You deserve the very best…We have a team of the very best. All of our artists are highly vetted to be a part of our team. Their portfolio, education, professionalism, and years of experience raise the bar for our artists to perform above and beyond for every client!

Mom + Daughter Duo

Beauty Entourage has always felt like a family environment. Our artists become our family and friends, and our clients share their most intimate family moments with us in the hours leading up to momentous occasions in their life. As we have grown over the years, we wanted to keep that feeling consistent and put in place someone that could work alongside Ashley and share in the task of maintaining attention to details that we have become known for. Torri has been a long-time inspiration, supporter, and initial investor in Ashley’s dreams to bring the vision of Beauty Entourage to life in 4 states. With over 60 artists and 25,000 clients a year. Now, she joins the company as the operations manager and lead coordinator that caters to our bridal clients. With Ashley behind the scenes managing artists and new opportunities to expand our client offerings alongside Torri and her exceptional customer and business experience, they make the PERFECT team to provide an outstanding beauty experience from start to finish.

Hiring The Best Hair & Makeup Team:

Our coordinating team is a major benefit when it comes to planning hair and makeup services but, our artists are essential to execute the final result. Ashley Stone, the founder of the company and CEO, is apart of hiring every artist on our team. As a 17-year beauty industry vet, she created the company understanding the needs of the clients but, also the needs of the artists. 1 out of 10 hairstylists and makeup artists that apply for our team make the cut. Many stay with us for years! We strive to support their artistry and passion through continued education and a stellar work environment. One of the best things about our team based environment is the ability of a makeup artist or hair stylist to just focus on what they love, making their clients beautiful!

We are your Beauty Entourage from booking to beautifying!

We’re here for you!

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