Beauty Tip Tuesday: Breast Cancer Awareness


To continue our breast cancer awareness campaign and prepare for this week’s Sip & Shop Event, this week’s tips focus on some essentials. When battling or recovering from an illness, skin care is crucial to maintaining a fresh, even face. When considering a look for a night out or even just building confidence, creating confidence and working with wigs/hair extensions can be a factor. Many treatments will cause hair to suffer or fall out, but there are solutions in hair and make up trends that can make a survivor feel back to normal.

14666309_1805502389729660_1605671035184153789_n.jpgBoudoir Photoshoot // Rachel Girouard Photography Make Up: Britt Hair: Kellie

This week, dual hair stylist & make up artist Rachel primarily on our MA team gave us tips for creating eyebrows from nothing, how to properly care for dried out skin, and how to work with extensions.



-Use a cool/ashy tone matching your hair color to fill in brows will help keep them looking more natural

-Use any sparse hairs to refer to an outline for a foolproof way to ensure the proper shape

-Don’t over do it and don’t over think it either! Natural is always the prettiest!!



Many medications and treatments can dry out skin. Itchy patches and other discoloration are common side effects. Using make up and other products to assist in the recovery of skin and cover up any problematic areas are a great option, but also must be carefully selected.

Properly cleansing skin and moisturizing is key to over dried skin. This will remove overgrowth of bacteria. Choosing a fragrance free, hypoallergenic and gentle regimen of cleanser and moisturizer will revive skin.

Always wear SPF to protect skin from any additional damage even in the winter. Many medications’ side effects can be enhanced with harmful rays. Don’t forget even the back of your hands! (The only exception is any special events or photo shoots – SPF will cause flashback!)

Additional tips on caring for skin during and after treatment available here.



-Clip in extensions are a simple, quick way to add volume and length to short hair as it grows out post treatment. Always leave about an inch to an inch and a half around the hairline as well as a few inches in the crown area for proper blending

– Tease the base of the section your working with and hit it with some lightweight hairspray before clipping in the weft to make sure it stays in place and has something to hold onto!

– If a wig is the best option, choose real hair if possible, which closely matches your natural hair color. The hairline should match where your hair would normally begin.

We recommend seeing a stylist that has experience working with wigs that can customize the hair cut. It’s a certain technique to cut them and only a stylist experience with wigs can cut properly.
Maintenance: No need to wash with every use. Depending on the amount of use I only recommend washing once a week to 2 times a month. Use cold water and hand wash, shampoo and condition normally and then air dry. Synthetic wigs or extensions cannot have heat applied.

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