Beauty Tip Tuesday: To Brow or Not to Brow?

Beauty Tip 12.15.15

I have a confession to make: I am guilty of over tweezing my eyebrows. When I first got my hands on a pair of tweezers I was thirteen years old and the “hook” was the trend of the week with a pencil thin line trailing off as the arch. Looking back I still have nightmares over the day I removed nearly all the hairs which have barely grown back over the years. Thankfully, as the eyebrow has made a comeback and the recent trends show us a full, healthy brow is the best way to frame your face, the products available can cover any tweezing or waxing mishap.

First, the base is key. I apply my eyebrow product after my foundation is on and I’ve set it with a mattifying powder. There is nothing worse than trying to apply to oily or damp skin. Depending on the need to add or define, there are several products which could suit your situation. Stila has a brow marker which is great to just add some extra texture and pop to already existing eyebrows with a pointed, simple tip. If you’re in the same lack of brow boat as myself, a dip brow adds more color and clings to the hairs you already have. Anastasia Beverly Hills has a line of dip brow in a variety of shades along with various powders, pencils and waxes. Make Up Forever has a long lasting liquid gel which sets within seconds and offers flexibility in its application whether you need a little or a lot of coverage. My personal favorite is Build-A-Brow by It Cosmetics. I use their angled brow brush which is double sided with a spooly brush at the end (this looks like a mascara wand and helps even out the product so it doesn’t look like you smudge on a crayon). My biggest tip: less is more! I start in the front where I’m missing a major portion of brow and work the product through the arch and trail out the tail. After swiping through with the spooly brush I always dust mattifying powder, my personal favorite is Becca’s translucent, which sets the product and lightens it slightly so they blend in more naturally. Waterproof, sweat proof, and smudge proof, my bold brows last all day.


So the lesson is: put down the tweezers! Step away from the wax! Full, defining eyebrows are here to stay and can be achieved no matter how few hairs you have with the help of some handy products by our favorite make up lines.