Beauty Tip Tuesday: Winter Skin Care


Winter. The snow, the ice, the wind. In all it’s beauty, winter takes a toll on us- from our static cling hair to our dry skin. It’s Tuesday and BE is here to save the day! Here are a few winter skin care tips to keep Jack Frost from nipping at your nose and leaving you dry all season long. Cause really, it gets annoying.

1. Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen! This is our number one Winter skin care tip because it is important! The winter sun is just as damaging as the summer sun. You may be shaking in your Uggs and freezing your face off, but those sneaky little sun rays can still ruin your day. Because we are human, let’s make this as easy as possible. One step. Follow this link and find the best moisturizer/untitled-designSPF combo for your skin type- Thank you to Elle Magazine. Once you choose  your moisturizer with SPF, use it every single day. All winter long. Right after you exfoliate- hop down to our second tip!

2. Exfoliate. Help your skin get rid of those old, dusty cells! If there are too many dead cells camping out on your face, the moisturizer/SPF you are using so diligently (right?) won’t work. It won’t be able to penetrate through to your skin. One of our favorites is the Lush Ocean Salt facial exfoliator. Bring a little beach vibe into your shower all winter long!  Don’t stop at your face, use an exfoliating body wash too! Keep your skin silky smooth and healthy all winter long!

3. Drink Water. Put the cocoa down. Step away from the cocoa. As if you didn’t already know this, we are here to remind you- DRINK WATER. Drink lots of water. Guys, I’m not kidding- when you think you’ve drank enough- drink more.  Have you seen Jennifer Anniston lately? She’s 47, looks 25 and it’s all thanks to WATER! Without adequate water intake, skin can appear dull and wrinkles and pores can appear more prominent. No thank you!  Water can also help curb breakouts. It’s a miracle serum, that is also free. We know…water can be totally boring.  But you can spice it up by adding a lemon, or a lime, or any other fruit. The BE office staff’s personal favorite is Mio. A teaspoon of Mio helps the water go down, in the most delightful way.


Bonus: Your hair needs help too! For hair that is standing on its ends, sticking to your face and driving you insane-try our leave in conditioner. Often people associate leave in conditioner with the summer months, however they are a real gem in the winter as well. Ditch the drier sheets (cause you all now you’ve tried that) and throw in some BePrepped Revive. BePrepped Revive strengthens, smooths and detangles without adding any weight. If only the rest of the holidays could treat us so nicely.

If static cling isn’t your issue- but dry hair is- just know that half of the population who is currently pulling their hair off their face envies you. We can help with that as well. BE cures the dry winter hair blues with some BePrepped Revitalize Shampoo. In the winter, the pores on your scalp close up nice and tight because they are cold. However, when these pores are closed for the season, your hair is not getting any of its natural oils. Revitalize helps those pores open back up so your hair can moisturize itself! Like its supposed to do!

Get yourself a good exfoliator, throw on some lotion (that includes SPF), drink some water and tell Jack Frost to get lost! These winter skin care tips will help your skin glisten for all the right reasons!

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