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BEhind The BEauty- Connecticut Bridal Hair Stylist Meghan

Connecticut Bridal Hair stylist

Meghan- Connecticut Bridal Hair Stylist

Meet Meghan! Meghan is apart of our Connecticut team but, travels often to our NYC and Mass clients. She joined our company as a Connecticut bridal hair stylist a little over a year ago and we are so excited to have her apart of our team for many reasons. Meghan’s passion is in perfecting her styling work and is working hard to be at the top of her game. Pulling inspiration from the latest trends of top celebrity educators, you can rest assured that Meghan is always in the know and perfecting her craft.

CT updo hair stylist

I personally sought Meghan out after she interviewed for our company. I wanted her on our team asap. HEr work was undeniably good but, I also wanted to show her new tools and techniques that would help her diversify. Working with Meghan this past year has been amazing to watch her growth as an artist.  Clients are always so happy with her creations and her down to earth, keeping it real, personality is something that is infectious!  I caught up with Meghan to share a bit more about her to share this feature so clients can get to know her beyond my personal experience with her.

What makes you more than an artist?

All of my hobbies relate to some form of art. Whether it is something like restoring a piece of furniture or cooking, I pretty much take everything in life as an opportunity to express myself.

What is your favorite BEauty trend of the season?

Really loose, textured styles that are down and look braided.

What is your proudest or favorite moment as a hair artist?

There are so many moments but, that moment when you’re doing an updo and without saying a word you place a piece of hair in a certain spot and the bride goes yeeaaahhhh???? haha that’s my favorite moment! It never gets old!  It’s also gratifying that she is happy with something I was able to create for her. 

If you could work with anyone dead or alive, who would it be?

Ulyana Aster. She does some of the most beautiful down styles and she makes them look so effortless!

Random. What’s your favorite dance move?!

I don’t know if any of my dance moves have names ????

Favorite photo of your work:

Beauty Entourage Hair Stylist
Dress courtesy of Sophia Boutique


Recently Meghan said something to me that couldn’t be truer and I appreciate her words and I am grateful to be an inspiration to her. Nothing means more to me than to take part in any artist’s career. I personally live by this statement so she said it best..

“In order to become notably excellent at anything, you need to do it consistently.”

To see more of Meghan’s work and follow her journey with our company you can head on over to and hit the follow button!  She shares on her stories the behind the scenes and in photos, you will see more of her work.

Here are a few of my faves!

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