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BEhind the BEauty-Anna- CT Makeup Artist

Beauty Entourage is an artist collaboration like no other when it comes to travel bridal services for makeup and hairstyling. Our artist’s on our CT makeup teams are highly vetted for specific reasons that go beyond the talent they can provide. What I love about our artistry is the passion of the people that truly LOVE what they do. Our BEhind the BEauty series will showcase not only the talents of the artists on our teams but, also who they are that made us choose them, As the owner of the company I think it’s important to know who the people are that will represent something I take so much pride in. I love our clients, the people that work for me, and most of all what I do. I am so excited to share with you all our amazing team, one by one.

Anna Gaevskaya

Anna joined our CT makeup artist team last wedding season in 2017. She was new to the US from Russia and we met, I believe not too long after her arrival. Instantaneously I knew she would be a great fit. Before meeting, I was blown away by her talent and range from her portfolio. Seeing this I always get excited to see who is the person behind the work.. (Or beauty, pun intended! Ha!).

She was sweet and talked about not only how much she loved what she did but, also why. There was no question she had the ability to work with our clients but, her reasoning why was what made me know she would be a great addition. Anna had come to the U.S. to pursue opportunity and wanted to be apart of something she loved back home. In Russia she traveled for weddings and worked for top companies that provided hair and makeup for brides. She loves being apart of such an important day and when she says that, you can feel it. Her attention to detail and her ability to make someone’s skin glow is her specialty. Anna joined our team as a newlywed herself and loved all things bridal!

This is Anna’s 2nd wedding season on our CT makeup artist team and we have been able to support her with additional training in airbrush makeup. When she first moved here, she didn’t have a car but, was committed to being available whenever and where ever we needed her. I am so proud of our team members that believed in her too as we paired her with artists throughout the season that picked her up on the way to bookings.  This season she is ready to go and now a lead artist on our makeup team! Congrats Anna for your successes and also transition into the U.S.  It has been amazing to take part in your growth.

We are so proud to have you and thank you for being apart of our BE fam.

Take a peek at some of Anna’s work on our most recent photo shoot for our CT Makeup Team:

Hair Kaitlyn from our MA Team Makeup: Anna Photo Credit: Sassy Mouth Photo
Hair Meghan from our CT Team Makeup: Anna Photo Credit: Sassy Mouth Photo

Here are a few fun questions we asked Anna to share more BEhind The BEauty!

What are some of your favorite things to do outside of your artistry?
I love singing Karaoke!

What is your favorite beauty trend right now?
Glowing skin is always my go to. It is timeless and photographs beautifully.

What is your favorite wedding trend?
A nude lip

Proudest moment as an artist?
I have been able to work on movie sets and TV. Seeing the behind the scenes and how everything comes to life was exciting. Major career accomplishment too!

If you could work with anyone dead or alive, who would it be?
Lady Gaga. I love how she is comfortable with being different and herself. She is extremely creative and that is inspiring.

Share with us a photo of your favorite go-to look:

I love a soft smokey eye with natural clean makeup that glows.


More pictures of Anna’s work:



Before & After’s



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