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Choosing a Style for your Dress

Posted by on October 2, 2015

Any woman wants to look and feel her absolute best on her wedding day. After all, once you start walking down that aisle, it’s all eyes (and probably lots of camera lenses) on you! Choosing a bridal hairstyle for your big day is certainly important, but before you make your decision, you’ll also want to factor in your dress. This way, you can ultimately choose a wedding-day hairstyle that complements your gown and makes you look absolutely stunning!

Wedding Dresses


Bring a Photo of Your Dress to Your Consultation

When you schedule your hair consultation with a stylist, consider bringing in a photo of your wedding gown. This will be helpful for your stylist when it comes to making hairstyle recommendations. What if you haven’t picked out your gown yet? No worries; clipping out magazine photos or printing out pictures of gowns that suit your sense of style will be just as helpful.

Consider the Neckline of Your Gown

One important consideration for choosing a wedding-day hairstyle is the neckline of your gown. Generally, if you have a lower or more revealing neckline (such as an off-the-shoulder or strapless gown), then you’ll want to balance that out with a hairstyle that allows you to wear your hair completely or partially down. On the other hand, a higher neckline (such as a high-neck or Bateau) might be more flattering with an intricate up-do.


Decide on a Focal Point

You don’t want to look too “busy” on your wedding day, so consider choosing between your gown and your hairstyle in terms of what you want to “pop.” If you’ve chosen a gown with lots of embellishments, such as sequins and beadwork, then you might want to keep your bridal hairstyle a little more simple and elegant. If your gown is more on the simple side with very little beadwork and embellishment, then you can probably get away with a busier and bolder hairstyle.

Schedule Trials and Fittings Same-Day

You should always schedule a hair trial at least a few months before your big day; this way, you can have a “practice run” of your wedding hairstyle done and make sure you’re absolutely in love with the results, which might help to quell some of your anxiety on your wedding day. A great way to get the “big picture” of what your hair and gown will look like together on your wedding day is to schedule your hair trial on the same day as your fitting. For example, you might have your hair trial done in the early afternoon and your dress fitting later in the day. You might even consider having your makeup trial on the same day to get a true idea of how your hair, makeup, and gown will come together!

With so much to consider when it comes to choosing a bridal hairstyle, it can seem a bit overwhelming! By keeping these tips in mind and by trusting your wedding-day hair to an experienced stylist—such as one from Beauty Entourage—you’ll be in great shape.


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