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Clean Hair VS. Dirty Hair; Which Is Better For Formal Styling?

Posted by on June 26, 2014


Let me start by saying that I consider dirty hair to be hair that has been previously styled with mousse, gel, hairspray or other various styling products and/or has been styled with a curling iron or flat iron. Over the years we have all heard “…dirty hair holds a style so much better.”, I won’t deny it, I once thought so myself.

I’m embarrassed to share this back in the day style I did. But, dirty hair is best if your looking for this!  😉

When I was 13 I was in my cousins wedding as a junior bridesmaid, the stylist told me dirty hair was best, I listened, and I left there with a flat to my head french twist… Nothing against the stylist, updos have come a long way, but needless to say theres a reason my dirty hair was OK for that style. We have all experienced that horror story about a prom-do or bridesmaid style where our hair was slick, tight and had those little twists to pull it back.

Now, being an updo specialist, I want everyone who sits in my chair to be excited and say, “Wow! I didnt know my hair could look like this!”. In order for this to happen for me, it all starts with you. If you search for “updos” on Google or Pinterest, what do you see? Soft, loose, voluminous styles. I’d be willing to bet you have a few pinned right now. I can tell you from experience, those styles are only achieved with the right products, techniques and most important, clean hair.


Working side by side with Ashley Stone, owner of Beauty Entourage, I was taught numerous tricks to create the styles you are looking for. I can “dirty” your hair the proper way to ensure it will take and keep a curl, I can create a foundation to hold the 50+ bobby pins that secure that gorgeous style and I can set your hair to achieve the biggest hair you have seen this side of Texas, but if you dont have clean, dry hair to start, I can’t guarantee my style. Even with the long list of dry shampoos, powders and sprays, your hair will never be as cooperative as clean hair, your curls will lay lifeless, your part will fight me and separate between each section and your hair will slip out of the pins in the first minute of the Harlem Shake. Help spread the word and avoid these tragedies. After all, all we women want is a great hair day.


Photo: Sassy Mouth Photo
Model: Kayla Tilton
Hair: Carly McKay
Make Up: Anellyse Boebel
Dress: Stars Of Avon

Carly McKay
Lead Stylist with Beauty Entourage
Updo specialist and manager of Beauty Entourage Ct, Boston, and New York

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