Clip In Hair Extensions for Long Hair

There are so many different options on Hair Extensions that each one needs it own blog just to explain them!

Today we wanted to talk about Clip in Extensions because they are the most popular with our brides and clients booking for events. Clip Extensions are a temporary option that can be put in by a stylist or yourself at any given time. They can also be removed at your convenience within 24 hrs of wearing them. I say 24 hrs or even less because they can shift, slide down, and even come out if you try to wear them longer. They be uncomfortable to sleep in too but, I won’t say I have never done it!

I have to admit, I have  little obsession with hair extensions. I promise you will too if you decide to go with them! If done right and if you have the right hair, the options are amazing! SO are the results. If you have had a bad experience or have heard of one, it is likely due to the quality of the hair or lack of experience from the professional that recommended or did them.

I became certified and trained in extensions about 10 years ago and I always worked with extensions in my career whether it was applying them or coloring them. For years My team and I customized everything from not just the color but the thickness. The thickness makes ALL the difference on if the extensions look real or not. For clip in extensions that is also a big factor. Often clip in extensions are single wefted. Basically if you hold up one strand of extensions and you can see gaps or it’s so thin you can read a paper through it, then they are likely single wefted. The average person needs double wefted for proper blending.  When working with clip ins, it is also ideal to find the extensions that have the clips already sewn on. You can sew them on yourself but, it may be difficult to do and you run the risk of them not being done properly.

The clip in extension line we carry is our own line of extensions called Hair Extension Junkie.  Go figure! We love them!   They are double wefted extensions that are sometimes double or triple the thickness depending on the length. We custom color the extensions for a perfect match and have them ready the day of the wedding.

Care: Clip in Extension’s longevity depend on how often they are being used and washed. On average, they last up to 1 year if used regularly. The less heat used on them the better. If you like to flat iron or curl your extensions then, I would recommend air drying them before heat styling.  They should be hand washed with moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. A leave in conditioner may be used, detangle, lay flat to air dry

Here is a fun video we created on the spot for one of our bride’s to see the process. She had long hair so, she was just looking for thickness. The extensions were also custom colored by one of our team members Carly McKay, Styling By: Ashley Stone.




This is what it’s like to add in Hair Extensions. We customize and color them for our clients. Great Job Carly for our clients extensions and hair color! Styling by Ashley Stone

Posted by Beauty Entourage on Sunday, September 6, 2015

Here is the final look for our bride!

Clip In  Hair Extensions

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For Instructions on how to apply extensions, See Below:

Clip in Hair Extensions