COVID-19 has changed a lot about how the beauty industry works. Here’s what you need to know about health and sanitization

COVID-19 has changed everything, including the way that beauty studios operate. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t safe, low-risk ways for clients to get the look they want. Studios, salons, and artists will need to increase their sanitization and health processes to ensure safety for all. Here are a few tips for improved sanitization.

Using Disposables

For makeup artists, using disposable sponges, mascara wands, and other materials is highly recommended. As professional artists, this is something many of us in the industry practice even before Covid 19. Part of being licensed and certified in our field is to follow a specific sanitation routine. When hiring a beauty pro, this is important to know. Disposables are essential for every kit; however, some items make it difficult for a proper application. Makeup brushes are often not a disposable option but, alternatives to implement in our application would be disposable sponges. Mascara wands should always be disposable and used whenever working with clients. The wands prevent cross-contamination of your products and should be a regular practice. 

Sanitizing Products

Sanitizing has always been in practice, but now beauty professionals need to sanitize absolutely everything touched. That includes chairs, tables, and tidying up your work station between every client. Sanitizing wipes are a great option for a quick and effective way to clean. Spraying down your dry products such as pressed powders, blushes, etc with 70& alcohol and letting sit for 5 minutes is also an effective cleaning routine. Be sure to sharpen any eye pencils and lip liners while also finishing off your cleaning routine with a final spray of alcohol. 

Avoiding Cross-Contamination

Using disposables will help prevent cross-contamination, but it is imperative to separate cream or liquid products beforehand. Using your artist pallet with a spatula or Qtip will keep products separated and easier to work with.   

Using Alcohol and UV Light

Makeup is, naturally, difficult to sanitize. Pressed powders can be sanitized with alcohol and then allowed to dry. 70& alcohol that remains on the product for up to 5 minutes before using again is the most effective way to sanitize dry products. Tools that cannot have alcohol used on them can be sanitized through UV light instead or rigorous cleaning routines at home or for makeup brushes. Makeup brushes should be placed in a “dirty pile” to keep separate from clean brushes. Always deep clean brushes after your job is complete. UV light sanitization boxes and are a great option that will complete this process within minutes. 

Social Distancing

It’s impossible to social distance a makeup artist and her client. If getting services with a group, it would be best to distance anyone in your party while receiving services. Many locations will not allow additional people in the reception area so be sure to check ahead. In-home services can allow people to separate in different rooms to keep from overcrowding tight spaces.  

In reality, many of the adjustments made during COVID-19 will lead to good general health practices. Artists are responsible for the care they put into their services, supplies, and tools. As trained professionals, it is essential to our businesses to maintain healthy and safe practices whether we face a pandemic or day to day health and safety concerns of any communicable disease. It is what we become licensed for. Rest assured, when hiring a licensed pro, you will be in good hands! 

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