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Hair Extensions

Posted by on June 4, 2014

I have so much to say about hair extensions that I will break this up into 2 blogs.


Most pictures you see of celebrities hair styles have extensions too. It sometimes makes my job a little harder because it really does make a big difference in the style and overall outcome.  Hair extensions can be used whether you have fine or thick hair, long or short hair. It also doesn’t matter the style. You can add an extension in an undo or a down style. The versatility is why they are so awesome.  I love them so much, I even started my own line of extensions that make them more affordable for clients. Hair Extension Junkie is a custom made extension that gives you more hair for less money and with so many options to match or change up your hair to go with what’s on trend.

Clip in extensions are the easiest and a temporary option. They cost between $150 and $250 for a good set, but last a long time depending on how often you use them.  Always go for human hair so you can curl, blow-dry, and apply heat to them without ruining them. Synthetic hair will basically melt and your limited. I will say however, Jessica Simpson has a line, Hair Do, that I have used for clients that came into my salon with them. They do the job but, you are stuck with however they are styled so it is limited in terms of versatility.

Clip in extensions are typically put in and out by yourself. It’s fairly easy but, here are a few tips to applying them that will give the best results.


You might wonder why I am using a color that doesn’t match?  Well, for picture’s sake I want you to be able to see the differences I apply them, but this is also a great way to play with color. The end result will be an instant ombre!

When applying the extensions make sure the width of the hair weft is the same size as the section you are applying them to. Also, for more stability, make sure you use a firm hold hairspray when spraying. A light hold or flexible hairspray will result in no hold and make the hair too wet.


Just to give you an idea on how well these glen, I curled the hair in advance and clipped them in without even curling my models hair. You can put a little curl to your own hair before hand but, for something quick, this is a great option that still blends with hair that won’t hold a curl for you.

Stay tuned for my next blog where we will cover clip ins for undo styling and bonded extensions for more long term wear!

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