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Mermaid Waves… What are those?

Posted by on September 3, 2015

Did you know there is a difference between a curl and a wave? Sometime’s clients think waves was just larger curls brushed out. or really indented finger waves. Or, none of the above!


There are MANY types of curls and knowing the names, and the difference is huge. The reason being is, if you ask for one type of look or even show a picture, what you see and what your asking for might be two different things. Once your stylist does the prep work for one type of curl,it can be changed but, at the sacrifice of your style sometimes that may not last or curls that won’t behave. That is why, we do a trial, trying multiple looks in one sitting isn’t ideal. I’ll touch more on additional reasonings why on a later blog.

Beauty client

Hair & Make Up Beauty Entourage Photo: Time Frozen Photography



As professionals it’s our job to decode what you really want. That is all done at a consultation. I have been a stylist for 15 years and still to this day, sometimes my code words and my client’s can sometimes fall short. So, I’ve learned to ask key questions in my consultations. So, some things to consider:

  • What do you like about the picture?
  • What do you love, and what do you hate?

Then, let’s think about you. Although we love the look the model has or a bride from pinterest, do you have the hair for that?

  • What do you like about your hair or your face?
  • What do you NOT want?   That one is always a huge one for me. Because if the look my client is showing me is a spiral curl but, she says she does not want her hair to look much shorter or the one we hear often,”my hair does not hold a curl.” She may in fact NOT want a spiral curl.

So, I bring you to the mermaid wave!


Hair & Make Up- Beauty Entourage Photo: Dreamscape Photography

I don’t really know if this is the technical term for this style but, I started playing with my curling iron about 5 years ago with creating this look after a client said she wanted something beachy.  Not saying I created this look or the name but, this is in fact the wave that is HOT this season and we like to still roll with the name we made up at the time. (We have a name for a lot of the styles we see on the road. Name a celebrity, I can picture this ONE red carpet look I’ve seen a million times lol.. That sometimes, is how an updo gets called The Jessica Alba or The Carrie Underwood.)  We have since attempted to name them more fun names. Check out our lookbook

The biggest thing about the mermaid wave is you have two options:

1. A tighter option which gives a lot of detail and better if your hair doesn’t like to hold a curl.

2.Looser option for that softer sultry beach wave. This option is great for that tousled “undone” look if you have shorter hair. On Longer hair, it’s one of my favorites because it’s half of what you see on pinterest, photographs beautifully and when it settles, your hair won’t look like it just dropped out and no longer styled. Just tousle and go.

Country Wedding

Hair & Make Up Beauty Entourage Photo Sassy Mouth Photography


Another benefit to a mermaid wave is it will not take away from the length of your hair.

Check out this most recent wedding of one of our clients and her bridal party!   Hair & Make Up by our team members Carly, Kyle, Ashley M, Ashley S, Catherine, and Kayla.  Photos by Time Frozen Photography 

Make Up

Bridal Party

Bridal PrepBride To BeMermaid hairstyle



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