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Morning Of The Beauty Prep..What To Wear!?

Posted by on October 16, 2014

There are so many little details leading up to the day of the wedding that it is so easy to miss ones that do help or make a difference.   My team and I travel on location every weekend for our bridal clients and I have to say, it makes a difference what you put on before your hair styling service.  I love all the cute Bride and bridesmaids shirts. They always look great in pictures during the beauty prep. Robes are also a great option as well. Here are a few tips to choose the right options whether you decide to plan to match your bridal party or just want to make things easier before changing in to your beautiful gown.


Tank tops are a great option before your beauty prep.  White is a good choice for the bride besides the obvious reason. You can also use your tank top the day of your hair and make up trial. The white gives you a better visual for the make up pallet. you choose up against the white tank top. Make up is also easier to blend out to the neckline.

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I stumbled across these tanks which are really cute. Match the bows to your wedding accent colors!  Customize your tank by Bridal Bliss Couture

One of my favorite options are the silk robes.  Make sure to steer clear of the bulky robes. They can sometimes become to hot to wear or sit to high on the neckline and it can get in the way of the hair styling. The silk robes are a great option to add color to the group. Floral robes were quite popular this season. It makes as a great bridesmaid gift as well!


*Photo: Mark Cafiero

Check the robes out on Etsy! You can find these for a great deal on Etsy! 


Button downs seem to be another obvious go to but, I will advise that bad button downs to steer clear of. Collared shirts! Not a fan of this option.  I’ve come across a few that are really difficult to work around. A man’s dressy shirt is the kind I am talking about for the most part. You know the collar that is so stiff its a pain in the butt to fold it out of the way.


That kind!  It is difficult for a few reasons. When doing make up the shirt would need to be unbuttoned and off the shoulder slightly to make sure the make up blends out to the neckline.  Not that you would be wearing full coverage make up that far down but, realistically you wouldn’t be wearing your dress that high up the neckline so I would wear something more opened up. The collar is often times in the way when hair styling. If you are wearing a down style or a low bun, your almost guaranteed frizz or rubbing that will loosen up your style.  If you go with a button down shirt just skip the ones with much of a collar and steer clear of the stiff collars all together.

Last but not least, the tight shirt. You would be surprised how many clients forget about the tight shirt that they can’t get over their head. Unless of course you can cut it off then go for it!   I would be not just concerned for the hair but, if you have false lashes on, those may be doomed!

If you are just catching this blog before you had time to go shopping for your beauty prep attire or if you are a bride on a budget, NO PROBLEMO!  Tube top works great or any tank you can just slide the straps down into a make shift tube top will do the trick just fine.  Just don’t forget this little detail before it’s too late and your doing the neck stretch while you slowly crawl out of your shirt or have your hairstylist cringe from a distance while her beautiful style is getting destroyed by a collar shirt!

Happy Planning 🙂

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