On The Road Again… Or Plane! A Beauty Team That Travels For Real


Hair and makeup travel team

Traveling Beauty Career

This wedding season kicked off with a bang! I anticipated no different but, I also didn’t realize the heavy travel schedule ahead. As the owner of Beauty Entourage, I love meeting new people and learning about all of our clients along with our artists. We have experienced incredible growth, and it has become an important role for me to take part in anything I can. For those that don’t know, I attempted to retire my hairstyling career two years ago. Mainly to be able to run my company full time and have a life again with my family. Being a mother of two, it was always my goal to eventually find my career in a place where I could spend more time with my kids and husband but, also get to travel and do what I love!

As we grew into new territories, I began bringing my family on my business trips. Together we have traveled over 10,000 miles on the road just in the past few years. I started planning my family vacations or weekend getaways with my husband around this travel schedule of mine, and I have to say, it has been one fantastic experience.  Soon we realized, road trips would not be the only mode of transportation. Taking trains and even airplanes were going to be the new norm.  (A bit scary when you have a fear of flying.)

Road Warriors Turned Sky Warriors

I love incorporating family time with my travel, but, it isn’t always possible with school and my husband’s job. I needed to find a partner in crime to not only be my travel buddy but, help me keep pushing all the great things in store for our company. Charlie Brown is our manager for recruiting new artists and also is a lead artist in our east coast territories. She is not only a brain I love to pick with her Master’s degree in business but, she is an amazing artist and person. I don’t think I have laughed more the past few weeks. We often spend time more with our coworkers than we do with our family but, I am proud to say that over these past few months Charlie has become like family along with many other people apart of Beauty Entourage.

Charlie and I  started hitting the pavement and the skyline (literally) to not only attend bookings in all of the states we provide services, but also continue to seek out the best artists that fit our client’s needs. We are both afraid of flying! Ahhhhh!


Ashley Stone

NYC To Charleston

Our first stop was NYC and then Charleston to hold Auditions and have a few business meetings.  I love seeing the buzz that happens at auditions. All artists that we contract with our company go through a 3 and sometimes 4 step process before we consider them for our team and I personally take part in whom we hire.

NYC wedding hair team

Loving the before and after on one of our chosen artists, Angie! She was a perfect fit for our Charleston team!

Charleston Make Up Artist


Charleston is our newest location and one of my favorite places to visit. There is nothing quite like it and it is obvious why so many of our brides get married there. I captured a few shots in our travel to share of this beautiful city.


Like any trip we take, we try to mix it up with work, sightseeing and bit more work. We not only held auditions in Charleston but, I also was able to take part in a photoshoot and a mid-week wedding for our company. Our client got married on a cruise ship that left Charleston early that morning! It was an early call time but, so fun to take part.

Charleston Weddings


On To The Next… Traveling Beauty Pros

Charleston was quick and sweet! After three days it was time to head back to the northeast to do CT and NY weddings that then lead us right back to the airport… YES! We had client’s weddings and then drove to the airport at 2 am after packing so we could make it to our next destination.


Next destination… Aruba!!

NYC Travel Beauty Team

#TravelingBEbag is pretty much everywhere. If you see the pink bag, you know, it’s Beauty Entourage on the go!

Aruba Bound! Destination Weddings Here We Come!

I’m excited to now share WHY we went to Aruba. It was not just pleasure, although we needed some sun and sand. It was also for work! We will be expanding our company to provide destination wedding hair and makeup services. We are setting up things and will be launching officially for the fall of 2018! Aruba is truly ONE HAPPY ISLAND as they say! It is also one of the most beautiful places to visit. One thing you can guarantee is that the weather will always be beautiful. We held auditions while we were there and met with many new potential artists for our team. Soon enough our #BEtakeover will be underway!

Aruba Weddings

Aruba wedding make up

Aruba wedding hair stylist

Family Business

I mentioned my family at the beginning of this blog, and it goes without saying, I am so proud to have a career that can involve them in my passion for the bridal/beauty industry.  Aruba would not have been possible for our company without some great partnerships on the island, and with my mom retiring there in the coming year, she was able to help make this possible. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and I am so grateful for the many opportunities in store for Beauty Entourage as well as the artists joining us.

Ashley Stone Founder of Beauty Entourage

Aruba is the perfect destination for weddings, and I think we will be able to fit a great need for both the artists and clients looking for exceptional service and a stress-free experience. If you are planning a wedding in Aruba and interested in our services, please reach out if you have any additional needs as well. We have great partnerships on the island and happy to also refer other businesses as well for any of your needs on your wedding day.

Market Research

After all of this travel.. We had to enjoy this last leg of our trip.. at least this week! It was my birthday and we also had to make sure Aruba was the perfect place to expand our company. SO we had to explore the land.. you know for research purposes.


Praying it will be ok…
Discovering..everything is not ok!! lol

THANK YOU Aruba for an amazing time and an overall great experience. Both Charleston and Aruba are new destinations for us and we plan to be there again soon. We have been training our district managers and trust our teams in both locations will take great care of our future destination BE brides.


Time To Head Home & In Closing, I Must Say…

Our adventures were fun but, it was time to head home for our CT manager’s wedding the very next day! I have to say it was an exhausting two weeks but, an experience I would do all over again.

Being a traveling beauty company, it is quite the experience that isn’t always as glamorous as it may seem. It can sometimes come with great sacrifices and relentless dedication most people may not realize. There is a lot that gets put into what we create every day.  We also have rigorous travel schedules that include missing out on so many personal things on weekends and sometimes longer.  It’s taken me over ten years to figure out the balance of life, family, and business. I am so grateful for all of the opportunities and people on this journey with me. My co-workers become family, and my family becomes apart of my company so I can see them! I hope to have as much fun as I can along the way because it’s the hardest job I have ever had but, the most rewarding. Outside of being a mother of course!

I mentioned I retired from hair two years ago but, doing hair or loving this industry will never really go away. I am so proud to be at the helm of my company but, I will always say, I am just here trying to keep up. I have a passion for creating value for our client’s along with our artists. I love solving problems and making things better for people.  I hope that through Beauty Entourage we can be apart of many memories with our clients on their wedding day and our artists on the road.

THANK YOU, Charlie, for traveling all over with me and keeping up! To all of the artists we met, we are so excited to have you on our teams nationally and now.. INTERNATIONALLY!

Til next time…