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NYC Bridal Makeup Artist

     Tai – NYC Bridal Makeup Artist

I love doing these BEhind The Beauty features for various reasons but, today’s most significant reason is, it allowed me to get to know Tai even more!  Tai is a new artist NYC bridal makeup artist with our company.  When auditioning Tai, she impressed us with her skills and also her personality. Her professionalism and sweetness made her a memorable person after reviewing hundreds of applicants from this round of auditions.

The Fashion World Meets Bridal


Tai’s experience as a makeup artist in the fashion world is extensive, and we are so excited to have her join our company!

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You can follow her growth with Beauty Entourage on her company Instagram Tai_beautyentourage. 

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We caught up with Tai to ask her a few questions to share with our readers, and I’ll be honest, I wanted to know some of her makeup go-to products personally! The skin of her clients always looks flawless!! Her dedication and love for the beauty industry shows in her answers and

NYC Bridal Makeupconfirms we made an excellent decision to discover the best of the best for our BEauties!

BEhind The BEauty

More than an artist – What makes you more than an artist? 

I am in love with all aspects of the arts ranging from fashion, makeup, to music and theater but I also have a degree in the fashion business, so I do enjoy the business side of the arts as well.

Favorite makeup beauty trend of the season?

Dewy skin and highlighter

Favorite wedding trend of the season?

Monochromatic makeup (lip and lids matching)

What is your skincare routine and what would you recommend for clients?

     For me, good makeup comes from good skin! So skin care is critical. Personally, I mostly use all natural products when it comes to my skin; Daily wash I try to stick with charcoal based products like the Deep cleansing charcoal wash from Biore or I will use 100% pure African black soap. For daily moisture on my face, I use 100% pure Shea butter. Also, a face mask once a week or every two weeks is key.( Kiehl’s rare earth ask, seaweed-based masque) I think if you do them more then that your skin begins to get used to it and it no longer works. I try to minimize my use of foundation to only when necessary or just apply to problem areas and blending into the skin that way, for the most part, my skin can breathe.
For my Clients, I like to start off with a clean face of course then go in with The Mario Badescu facial spray with Aloe, cucumber, and Green Tea after that I use the oil-free moisturizer. Lastly, I use Korres wild rose smoothing moisturizer & primer. I would recommend MILK hydrating oil to anyone trying to get that dewy or glow look. The oil is made with all natural ingredients and is light, so it doesn’t clog pores.

Proudest moment as an artist?

My proudest moment as an artist was when MilkMakeup recognized me. I was apart of a test shoot with little intention for it to turn into such high recognition in the beauty industry.   I was so happy and proud of this experience to have this recognition

If you could work with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be and why? 

I would love to work with Grace Jones;  I think her bone structure is just amazing !!

What is something about you that some people might not know?

My favorite fashion era is the 80’s!

What is one of your favorite makeup looks you have created in your career?

The project title was ” Elephant in the Room: for the new Fashion magazine ” Luxy”. The reason why this is one of my favorite looks is that I like the way the pink blended with her skin and with her freckles. Also, she just rocked it !! 

To see more of Tai’s work and her new journey with Beauty Entourage give her a follow on Instagram!

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It is the most anticipated week for all you fashionistas and artists.

Our favorite designers work endlessly to compile their most exclusive lines. The clothes are intricuit, the hair is out of this world. Ashley and Kyle had a chance to not only attend this event but get behind the scenes and work some of their own Beauty Entourage magic into the runway! Our dynamic duo helped assemble some crazy hair pieces, interview designers and sit front row center to show you the best looks of #NYFW!

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For our 6th annual show, we knew we had to go to the next level. Ashley and Kyle talk behind the scenes of the creative process, props, and generous contributions from local vendors. We’re going all out for this event, you will not want to miss it! Get your tickets before they’re sold out!

 Follow us down the rabbit hole…



Preparation is Key!


The Show Must Go On!

drink me bottles

We are counting down to March 18th. No really, this is crunch time!


Who Wants Raffle Prizes?

bose speakerapple iwatch

angelos market basketworld of wine basket
IMG_20160311_161441031.jpgbamboozeld chocolates

Just some of the donations so far (in order left to right): Guilford Internal MedicineCharter Oak Environmental ServicesAngelos Market, Brenda LaFleur and Theresa Bergstrand purchased from Wines of the World, Lauren O. Events, BamBOOZEld Chocolates in Bristol,  


Creativity for a Cause:

The true rockstars of this event are the kids who show courage every day in the face of illness, injury and rehabilitation. Proceeds from this event go to Wigs for Kids, a non profit organization creating wigs from donated hair to provide free of charge to children suffering from hair loss from a number of different causes.

Don’t be late! Buy your tickets, time is running out!!

wigsforkidsashleymashleystone.jpg(Catherine Feihn Photography)

We are always up to some kind of shenanigans! The best part of us being a team is we love to have fun even when we are working! I had a blast with Kyle and Britt. Please don’t judge the fact we DO NOT look like hair stylists or make up artists in this video! HA!  We can get down and dirty too.  White Plains is our newest location in New York!  As we grow and expand our company we will have a suite setup in every state so we can accommodate our brides consultations all in one place. Even though we travel for all of our event services, it is nice to have a public location too so we can meet for the first time and do a consultation.  Plus, our clients live not only all over the state but sometimes, out of state or out of the country!! We love being able to provide this option that is more convenient.

Check it out!!




IMG_3028 IMG_3031 IMG_3022

Last week we had the fun opportunity to go on CT Style and share a “pretty” Hair & Make Up look for Halloween. Pretty is what we do so it was fun to create a “fairy” look and showcase a different side of Halloween. One a little less scary.

Ashley Matta of Beauty Entourage created the make up for the look. Elena, one of our own artists, happily became our muse!

Our call time was 8 am so that meant hair and make up started at 5 am before we headed to the studio!

As you can see, it is still dark outside!

As you can see, it is still         dark outside!

Make Up was complete so it was time to do the hair. Elena has long gorgeous hair but what kind of fairy princess would she be if she didn’t have even more long gorgeous hair.



We were ready to head to the studio!

Thank you Stars of Avon for the beautiful dress that inspired the look.

Thank you Stars of Avon for the beautiful dress that inspired the look.

They completely changed the set since we were there last and the segment was LIVE! I have to say though, I loved the new look and LIVE Tv.. ummm sure no pressure!

It was fun watching the behind the scenes while we waited our turn to go on.


Then it was our turn!!


Here is the full video of our segment….




As always a BIG thank you to CT Style for having us on. It is always a pleasure. Congrats to Teresa on her new baby!! She looked great her first week back. It was also fun meeting Ryan her new co host. He was great!

Ashley Stone & Ashley Matta

Ashley Stone & Ashley Matta on set



Hair: Ashley Stone

Make Up: Ashley Matta

Dress: Stars of Avon

Model: Elena Kreuzavich

Hair Extensions: Hair Extension Junkie

Beauty Entourage provides an experienced team of hair and make up artists that travel on site for your special occasion. We cater to the every day woman that needs a convenient and stress free experience that leaves her feeling beautiful. To date we have done over 2200 weddings since we began in 2005. We strive to use our artistry to enhance, not transform our clients. Overall,  what we provide outside of services, is confidence.



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