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Fall Fashion Week in New York City has come and gone, and when it comes to this year’s trends, there were some shocking and some not-so-surprising revelations. For instance, it was no surprise that many of the models were donning bold autumn colors, such as reds and oranges. However, there were quite a few less-predictable fashion trends that sprung up and that have the potential to affect bridal fashion as we know it.

Fur Embellishments

Both real and faux fur embellishments are in for fall, and we’ll likely begin to see this manifested in a new trend of fur wedding dress shawls and shrugs, or possibly even some wedding gowns with unique fur embellishments. As for the fur wedding shawl or cover-up, this is an excellent option for outdoor fall weddings, where the weather can be quite un predictable. Paired with an elegant, intricate bridal up-do and subtle, this is a promising trend.


Here is a photoshoot we did with Sassy Mouth Photography to showcase this trend for the winter season!

Hair by Ashley Stone Make Up BY Cathy on CT Beauty Team

Hair by Ashley Stone
Make Up BY Cathy on CT Beauty Team

Hair by Ashley Stone Make Up BY Cathy on CT Beauty Team

Hair by Ashley Stone
Make Up BY Cathy on CT Beauty Team

Floral Patterns

It’d be no surprise if floral patterns were big during a spring fashion show, but it’s a little more unexpected that we’re seeing so much of this pattern during the fall. For bridal fashion, this could mean that floral embellishments that were previously more acceptable for spring and summer weddings could become more popular for fall and even winter weddings. For instance, a strapless bridal ball gown with a sweeping rosette skirt could be an excellent choice for women floral patterns. Pair with vibrant makeup and a down (or partially down) hairstyle adorned with a floral headband for a stunning look.

Hair: Carly McKay Make Up: Ashley Matta Photo Donna Cheung

Hair: Carly McKay
Make Up: Ashley Matta
Photo Donna Cheung

Sequins and Metallics

During NYC Fall Fashion Week, sequins and metallics were another star of the show. How will we see this play out in terms of bridal fashion? It wouldn’t be surprising if women began to move further away from totally white bridal gowns to off-whites and metallics with sequins or other flashy embellishments. For instance, a straight form-fitting gown adorned with sequins looks great with bold makeup and a hairstyle that incorporates a studded or otherwise flashy hair piece.

For bridesmaids, the sequin and metallic trend is also sure to take off, especially considering bridesmaids can typically get away with a little more in their dress choices than the bride can.


Sheer Fabrics

Last but not least, sheer fabrics will continue to be a popular trend this fall and winter, providing exposure while still affording some coverage. We’ll see this in fall and winter wedding gowns with delicate tulle and sheer backs or necklines. This elegant look goes great with either an up-do or a hairstyle worn down, depending on the neckline of the gown.

Hair: Ashley Stone

Hair: Ashley Stone

These are just a few trends we saw during NYC Fashion Week this year; only time will tell how they’ll truly affect bridal trends in the coming year.


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