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Hi everyone!! It has been a whirlwind of a month so we are a tad behind on blogging. But, amazing stuff to share as always!! Since Halloween is right around the corner we wanted to share the fun we had on our team day to either inspire your own halloween look or, if you want a pro to take it to the next level, we are here for you!    Also, set your DVR’s!!   We will be on CT Style on Monday sharing some of our insider tips and an amazing fairy look by Ashley Stone and Ashley Matta. (The Ashley’s lol)   Check out a past segment we did for wedding tips last years:

It’s a fun show! Btw, check out your local channels for WFSB, channel 8 News. That is where you will find it for Mondays live show!


So, every so often we are natural creatives and we need to be let loose from the norm. Our team days are opportunities for us to just have fun, create, and be inspired. It’s also a great way for everyone in all of our locations to work together if they haven’t before. Halloween is always a good excuse to stretch our imagination a bit more.  I knew instantly we had to work with Marissa from Sassy Mouth Photography because she creates magic pretty much year round. Her imagination is just as wild as ours so it was a perfect fit. We took over the Sassy Space and did just that.. created magic!!

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Thank you to our amazing team of artists that made this day extra special! We didn’t have everyone available to attend but, there is always next team day!!!




Hair & Make Up By: Ashley S, Ashley M, Shirley, Britt, Ellen, Carly, Kyle, Kuldip, Alicia, and Cathy.



Call Today to book your halloween hair and make up!! There is still time!  We can also travel for a grouped booking or come into our suite in Reading, MA and Farmington, CT.  Email


Exciting news this week so we wanted to update and share! We just got word that a photo shoot we were apart of was just published in the Westchester Wedding Planner Magazine!  First, I must say that this magazine has so many gorgeous and inspiring pages. Worth a read to flip through when you have time.


Our headquarters is literally two minutes from this gorgeous venue and I had no idea what the building was up until a year ago. Well! Imagine my surprise to walk into this magical greenhouse. The location is Farmington Gardens and I later attended a few events here as well ironically. A stunning venue and so unique! We hope to host our next charity event here.
Farmington Gardens

Kyle and I were ready for the day. Naturally a selfie and Instagram share was in order.

ashley stone

Kyle was up first and I was creeping from a distance catching him in action 🙂

Kyle Samolik









I was next in the hot seat. I like to create wedding hairstyles based on what inspires me with the dress, the setting, and my client. Luckily they gave me free reign of the bridal hairstyle so that was fun! I wanted to take full advantage. I tend to think I have an idea of what my brides in the coming year will be doing with their hair. I will say, this prediction was spot on because the low bun is HOT this season. Usually, if I start to see a lot of a certain look mid season then it will pill over into the next season too so I anticipate that this look will continue on just the same. I also think its classic so it’s a beautifully elegant yet, effortless choice.

wedding hairstyles 11083832_10204611392019579_578531182004315126_n This is a little trick I like to do. I can typically use the clients hair or a filler. I opted for the clients hair instead.  I will say, this is simple but a style that took years to perfect the technique involved. I love it though! It’s one of our signature styles.

Wedding Planning

This is the final look! I love the colors and the flowers, and just about EVERYTHING!! So timeless.

Kudos to all that were involved. A lot goes into these photoshoots to showcase our work and collaborating together to bring a vision to life. It is amazing to have it then published and recognized on a larger scale.

Venue: Farmington Gardens

Photographer: Rachel Girouard Photography

Florist: Earth Blossoms Flowers

Hair & Makeup: Beauty Entourage  Hair Stylist: Ashley Stone  Make Up Artist: Kyle Samolik

Cake & Desserts: Kelly’s Sweet Rewards

Stationery: Avant Garde Design

Farm Tables: Durkin Rentals

Chairs: The Pink Phoenix Event Design

Fashion: The Wedding Embassy

Coordination & Design : Lauren O Events


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Farmington, CT 06032

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