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Last week we had the fun opportunity to go on CT Style and share a “pretty” Hair & Make Up look for Halloween. Pretty is what we do so it was fun to create a “fairy” look and showcase a different side of Halloween. One a little less scary.

Ashley Matta of Beauty Entourage created the make up for the look. Elena, one of our own artists, happily became our muse!

Our call time was 8 am so that meant hair and make up started at 5 am before we headed to the studio!

As you can see, it is still dark outside!

As you can see, it is still         dark outside!

Make Up was complete so it was time to do the hair. Elena has long gorgeous hair but what kind of fairy princess would she be if she didn’t have even more long gorgeous hair.



We were ready to head to the studio!

Thank you Stars of Avon for the beautiful dress that inspired the look.

Thank you Stars of Avon for the beautiful dress that inspired the look.

They completely changed the set since we were there last and the segment was LIVE! I have to say though, I loved the new look and LIVE Tv.. ummm sure no pressure!

It was fun watching the behind the scenes while we waited our turn to go on.


Then it was our turn!!


Here is the full video of our segment….




As always a BIG thank you to CT Style for having us on. It is always a pleasure. Congrats to Teresa on her new baby!! She looked great her first week back. It was also fun meeting Ryan her new co host. He was great!

Ashley Stone & Ashley Matta

Ashley Stone & Ashley Matta on set



Hair: Ashley Stone

Make Up: Ashley Matta

Dress: Stars of Avon

Model: Elena Kreuzavich

Hair Extensions: Hair Extension Junkie

Beauty Entourage provides an experienced team of hair and make up artists that travel on site for your special occasion. We cater to the every day woman that needs a convenient and stress free experience that leaves her feeling beautiful. To date we have done over 2200 weddings since we began in 2005. We strive to use our artistry to enhance, not transform our clients. Overall,  what we provide outside of services, is confidence.



Controlling oily skin is an ongoing battle between the skin and overzealous sebaceous glands responsible for the production of sebum. When your skin goes into overdrive, it can be nearly impossible to manage the shine that appears on your face due to excessive oil. Unfortunately, oily skin sufferers may also be confronted with associated skin problems. Oily skin and large pores often walk hand-in-hand, which can contribute to acne flair-ups. Follow these skin care and makeup tips to combat shine for a clearer, healthier looking complexion.

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Avoid Irritants

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Hydrate with Serum

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Use a Primer

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Apply Oil-Free Makeup

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Make Up TipBeauty tip Tuesday is a make up tip from one of our own pros, Brittany Backman. Visine is great for the eyes but, who knew!? It’s great for your mascara too!

Round two follow up from last weeks blog. We couldn’t leave you hanging without giving you fall inspiration for your upcoming wedding!  I love Fall. No one can compete with a New England Fall wedding. Everything from the smell in the air, the beautiful scenery, and the feeling you get. It’s a magical time and a great time of year for a wedding! Check out these amazing details for inspiration and to see work from our fantastic artists Carly McKay and Ashley Matta.

FALL-0098 FALL-0097 FALL-0090 FALL-0119 FALL-0086 FALL-0078 FALL-0076 FALL-0053 FALL-0032 FALL-0028 FALL-0026 FALL-0067 FALL-0054 FALL-0051

Vendor Credits
Venue: Crabtree‘s Kittle HouseModels: Aja K. , Micah S., Ethan C., Bella C. Aeryn C., Quincy S., Elizabeth H. Melo L. Tatum S.Makeup/Hair: Beauty Entourage

Bridal Dress: A Little Something White Bridal Couture

Tuxedo: Zemo’s Tuxedo

Florals: Ganim’s Garden Center & Florists

Stationary/Gifts/Favors: The Persnickety Bride

Jewelry/Bridal Headwear: The Persnickety Bride

Cake: Apartment 128 Cupcakes

Linen’s/Table Covers: White Plains Linen Company

Photography: Donna Cheung Photography


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