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Beauty Entourage has been in business for over 10 years! I know, crazy! Hard for me to believe at times how fast time flies.  I can keep track of the years because my own son is a daily reminder. I started the company when I was pregnant!



Shhh Don’t tell him I shared this 😉


BE was something that came to me as a need in the beauty industry and it didn’t necessarily happen on purpose. It happened because I needed our services!  When I got married, I was a hair stylist at the time but, it was still really hard to find someone to do my hair and make up for the day.  A friend of mine did it for me and although I loved them dearly it was really hard to speak up when I wanted changes or didn’t like anything. So, I rolled with it and in the end, I look back at the photos thinking

1. Why didn’t I spend more time thinking about this and

2. I wish I had someone I didn’t know and that could do what I was looking for.

             Not long after I was asked to cover a wedding on location for a co worker and I have to say, that is when the lightbulb went off.  I had never traveled and I had specialized in updos. This thought alone was brilliant. I also wondered how often did a stylist or make up artist decide they just couldn’t make it and pass off the work to someone else or even more scarier just cancel all together!  I was not letting that bride down so, I showed up and did my best!  In the end, I think we both cried! lol. I had so much fun and I knew this was my calling. For her, she was so scared because we hadn’t met and it was a last minute change for her.  Luckily they were tears of joy when I finished.   Needless to say, I will never forget that day and the feeling my client gave me. I am sure the feeling was mutual.



I have made it my mission and the mission of my company to stand by that feeling. For clients and for artists that join our team.  Of course at the time when I created the name Beauty Entourage, the entourage consisted of two people! But, little did I know the snowball effect it would have along with the amazing people that have supported, grown, and been apart of this journey as clients and artists.  I’m proud of our 10 years in business.  To showcase that relationship that has made B.E. what it is, we went back to our past brides from over the years and dolled them up again!!  10 years of brides represents so much for me as an artist, a business owner, and as a company.  With over 2200 weddings we have done to date, we are confident we can take that experience and even expand on it!  We are excited for the next 10 years and I can only promise as we continue to grow, we will stay true to that feeling and that standard that I know first hand.   I renewed my own vows 10 years later! I flew my team out to make me feel beautiful.  I can actually  say, I am a BE Bride too!

10 Year Vow Renewal Hair & Make Up By Kyle Samolik Photo: Joe Crawford Photography

10 Year Vow Renewal         Hair & Make Up By Kyle Samolik        Photo: Joe Crawford Photography




Watch the bloopers at the end!  🙂



Credits in the Video:

Coordinator: Lauren O’Events

Assisting: Accessory to the Bride

Photography: Corey Lynn Tucker Photography 

On Set in video shooting: Heidi Hanson Photography

Cakes:  Sweet Harmony and Chow Bella

Venue: The Riverview in Simsbury

Dresses: Stars of Avon 

Hair & Make Up:  Anellyse, Brittany, Cathy, Ashley S., Carly, Shirley, Kyle of the BE Team

Models & Past Brides: Ashley Liles, Victoria Visel, Shannon White, Nancy Kelly, Meagan Bomar Palmer, Crystal Petroski, Jamie Taylor, Ashley Stone, Carly Allen, Omayra Vega-Bruno




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