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Women in Business Day: Our Brazilian Entrepreneur Meet & Greet

Posted by on September 22, 2016

Women in business, women entrepreneurs, strong, motivated women. These are keywords you hear from us at Beauty Entourage all the time. It is our goal to inspire young women to pursue owning their own business and beat the statistics. September 22, 2016 marks National Women in Business Day. The first event commenced in 1982 by the influence of the American Business Women’s Association (ABWA) to recognize each other, network, and create a bond between one another. 

What better way to celebrate Women in Business Day by sharing our recent event meeting a group of amazing women. We had the opportunity yesterday to listen to a room of entrepreneurs from Brazil who were recognized for owning their own business despite any obstacles in their way. Local business owners in the area were invited to meet these women for a luncheon to discuss how they have found success. This group of women from Brazil are the recipients of the Business Women Awards bestowed by SEBRAE, the Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Service.


Our visit to the Women’s Entrepreneurial Center, a location we are no stranger to, started with excitement outside. The Polished Nail Truck was parked for Q&As, owned by Myeicka Gittens, who created the traveling truck to cater to her professional clients in need of an express manicure on their lunch break or between meetings.


A true honor to meet these energized and positive women creating opportunities in Brazil just like our mission here at Beauty Entourage. 

Jordana Saldanha – created a line of healthy food and snacks now available at over 200 stores in Brazil. 

Maria de Fatima Paiva – provides fresh seafood for restaurants and school lunches in her area.

Fabiana Cabral – launched from a restored VW bus, Cabral began selling handbags out of the bus and gained mass attention leading to the creation of her online store which now sells shoes also. Her business Street Bags can be found online here.


Ashley, Mayeicka, and Fabiana.

Our recap video of the day! Behind the scenes of the Polished Nail Truck, introduction of the Brazilian Entrepreneur Meet & Greet at the Women’s Entrepreneurial Center, and Ashley Stone introducing Beauty Entourage. Some of the video got a little pixelated but we are always filming on the go so bare with us!

Resource information about Women in Business Day here.

Write up from the Hartford Courant about the luncheon here

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